What is CompanySHEPHERD? 

CompanySHEPHERD is an employee care service that provides personal, confidential care to your employees and their immediate family. 


How are my employees cared for? 

Every week I will make a brief personal contact with every employee in your company. My intent is to encourage and build a trusting relationship with each and every employee. The employee can call me any time to help with a personal crisis. The result is employees who have no crisis support network in place will experience caring support as an extension of the company. 


What are examples of care typically provided? 

Hospital and recovery care, death and grief care, family and marriage care, stress management, and interpersonal conflicts. If needed, I can also officiate wedding ceremonies and funeral services. 


How will the program be introduced to my employees? 

An orientation meeting is held with the employees to explain the ground rules, including confidentiality. At the end the employees receive a business card from your company with my name, contact information and the employee’s benefits on the back of the card. 


How do I deal with employees who may not want this service? 

At the orientation the employees learn this is a voluntary program designed to help improve their quality of life. In practice, all employees eventually come to enjoy a good relationship with CompanySHEPHERD simply because CS is there for no other reason than to care. 


Do you provide long-term counseling services? 

No. My role is to provide care for those who are in need of professional counseling by helping to connect them with a suitable counselor from the company’s insurance network or from my own referral network. 


How is CompanySHEPHERD funded? 

A flat fee is set based on the number of employees, resulting in predictable invoicing. There are no additional fees based on the number of crisis interventions or hours of service. However, if companies have additional locations outside the Kentuckiana region that would be included in the contract, an hourly fee would be added to accommodate those locations.


What is your personal experience in caring for people? 

I have over 34 years experience as an ordained minister in caring for people from a wide range of backgrounds. Having experienced my own ups and downs in life, I am able to personally identify with issues and crisis many people are going through. Building relationships is my specialty and I’m driven to help people.


How do we get started? 

To set up an appointment, call Phil Miller at 502.682.4251 or by email: phil@companyshepherdcare.com