We brought Phil Miller, with CompanySHEPHERD, on board last year.  The ROI and the value that Phil has brought to my company far surpasses any other single investment I’ve ever had in my company. The value that Phil provides, his extensive counseling background, just his disarming demeanor and his ability to get to the heart of folks and the heart of the problem just intrigued me of what he could bring to my company, what he had to offer. 


I’m happy to report that thanks to Phil and CompanySHEPHERD our retention rate is up, our production rate is up, our morale is up and our guys couldn’t be happier with Phil.

Chris Garten, President and Founder, Signature Countertops, Inc. Jeffersonville, IN

Phil's guidance and leadership through a very difficult season in our marriage taught my wife and I how to effectively communicate and grow our marriage. Through our challenges, he worked diligently and lovingly with us. Through prayer, and Phil's mentoring, we turned a potentially destructive situation into a strengthening of our marriage to a point we didn't think possible. 

We also were able to grow in our roles at work during this time. We were both promoted while under his guidance. His ability to guide with a caring focus is invaluable. He continues to invest in us and we see the benefits in our relationship and our careers. 

Gary CouchMarketing Executive, Louisville, KY

I will never forget the day I met Phil. It was my third day on the job. He got to know me. It was easy for me to open up right away with him, for I just knew I could trust him somehow. He came in every week and I couldn't wait, plus he had donuts or pies his wife baked lol, but that wasn't what it was that I looked forward to when he visited.  It was the feeling of love and genuine friendship from him, and what a friendship it has become!

Since meeting and talking with Phil, I have made a big change and my life has become so much happier, more fulfilling, and full of purpose. Phil is wonderful example of what it means to be happy, and one of very few people I call a true friend. Having Phil in your life will help you become a better person and bring true joy to you and others around You! 

Corey Smith, Fabricator, Signature Countertops, Inc

I've been fortunate enough to be friends with Phil Miller for almost 30 years.  And whether we were serving at a high school week of  camp, or side-by-side in the local church, I've always found Phil to be one of the most encouraging people-loving pastors I've ever known. As he begins this new venture in coming alongside people through CompanySHEPHERD, I know he'll bring an incredible amount of godly wisdom and counsel to all those he gets to become friends with!  

 George RossTeaching pastor / northside christian church / new albany, in

Having spent 8 years working for the Federal Government (FBI) while attending the University of Louisville, 30 years in managing both hourly and salary employees in the Sales and Distribution Operations at General Electric and then 17 years as the part-time Executive Director for the Scott County Chamber of Commerce, consisting of a membership 340 members, representing over 5,000 individual employees, I know what it is like to have misguided, frustrated, unhappy employees.

You realize that an unhappy employee can never reach their full potential. Personal problems creep into the everyday work schedule often having negative repercussions that affect not only the employee but coworkers and leadership. Employers that care for their employees spend time and money investing in the development of each employee but they are not always adequately prepared to deal with personal problems and crisis’ that arise outside the office. Leaders want to help but they understand this will take time and where will this time come from if everyone is already overbooked?

I want to recommend Phil Miller and CompanySHEPHERD.

Phil was on staff with our church from 1990 to 1997.  My wife and I have followed his career for the past twenty seven years. Phil is grounded in helping young and old, married and unmarried, and others not mentioned, to find JOY in living which will eventually translate to a positive and productive life.  

I can talk with you all day about "Poor Work Habits" and firing is not the answer!!  Take some time to talk with Phil about CompanySHEPHERD and I can assure you this will be time well spent.  This is what Scott County and Southern Indiana has been waiting for.

Give Phil a call.

keith colbertFormer executive director (retired) scott county chamber of commerce