Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you and your employees with confidential care for the concerns of everyday life.  

Joining CompanySHEPHERD can be one of the most beneficial decisions you make for the well-being of your employees.  Many companies are not prepared for a team member to go through a personal crisis.  As an employer, you want to help, but it requires time and pulls focus away from running your company. We know that personal problems affect performance. Having someone who is an unbiased, confidential advisor, and not an employee of the company, can be a valuable resource for an owner.  CompanySHEPHERD’s only focus is the well being of you and your people. I will be available 24 hours a day offering valuable experience and resources for you and your team.

Phil Miller is the owner and founder of CompanySHEPHERDCompanySHEPHERD specializes in Employee Care, providing support, guidance and resources for your company employees and their families. CompanySHEPHERD partners with companies in the Kentuckiana area.

Phil Miller has served in ministry in the Kentuckiana region for over 34 years, serving communities in Louisville (KY), Scottsburg (IN), Shelbyville (KY) and New Albany (IN).  He has vast experience in Family Ministry and Pastoral Care.

Phil is an ordained minister and has a Bachelor’s Degree from Cincinnati Christian University, Cincinnati, OH in Biblical Studies with emphasis in Christian Ministry.  Phil belongs to the John Maxwell Team (Coaching). Phil is also a member of The American Institute Of Stress.

Phil uses his pastoral background and family ministry experience to help employees with personal concerns, with the goal of increasing employee productivity, boosting morale and improving company culture.