CompanySHEPHERD is designed to cultivate and maintain a healthy workplace culture where company team members are known, heard and valued.   

  • Provide employee care for all employees and immediate family members

  • 24-Hour emergency on call availability

  • Available for support guidance during work site visits, by appointment at various locations or on the telephone

  • Provide help with problems such as marriage, divorce, child rearing, single parenting, illness/injury, job stress, etc.

  • Provide self-improvement material to help teach life principles

  • Make hospital and home visits

  • Officiate at weddings and provide premarital support guidance

  • Perform funerals


The services of CompanySHEPHERD reduce the amount of time owners, managers and team leaders need to be involved with an employee's personal issues.

employer benefits

  • An extension of care from the CEO/Owner to the employee.
  • Managers and team leaders are freed to have greater product focus with reduced discussion of employee's personal issues.

  • Employees understand they are more than a paycheck—increasing their job satisfaction and commitment to the company

  • Improves workplace culture.
  • Provides a "thermometer" regarding employee issues and morale.

  • CEO's/Owners have someone "outside" the company to have confidential conversations and provide accountability.

  • Reduced employee turnover.

employee benefits

  • Employees see they are more than a number, knowing their leadership cares for their well being
  • Onsite, confidential advisor      

  • Crisis counseling 24/7

  • Personal resource for weddings, funerals, hospital visitation 

  • Provides a relationship on the job, who is not a boss or coworker